Friday, April 06, 2007

WLS 2212

offense : waiting on a non stop area
date/time: 20070405 651pm
location: building next SOGO( which i forgoten the name)

note/bitch'in: this fella stop at a yellow line as u can see.. and about 200m or so is a right turn which i wanted to take.. and all on the left lane was jam going forward.. and its off work hour.. i was rushing in town to catch a company dinner.. fuck!!!

BHF 3555

offense : no sign when change lane
date/time: 20070404 645pm
location: turning to phileo Damansara toll

note/bitch'in: this guy cut in front of me to my left lane and all the way to the fast lane.. total 4lane with out giving one sign.. very good job especially on a crawl jam.. sigh..