Friday, December 22, 2006

Queue UP!!!!

The usual road (the only road) exiting from Jalan Sultan Ismail to Jalan Kuching is constantly 'congested'. If only some buggers drive accordingly to the traffic rules, it would be a smooth drive BUT noooooooooooo, some idiots, despite a big yellow sign that says, "Sila PANDU SATU LORONG", would still cut in hostilely from the middle lane to the left lane and form up 2 lanes.

Can these people read or they are just illiterate? Tak tau baca kut. If you are one of those buggers who can read but still behaving like a hooligan on the road, here is a message to you. Queue up assholes! You are rushing to somewhere and so am I! Unless you are rushing off to die at next corner, GO AHEAD.

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