Friday, December 29, 2006

right way

few day back i went makan with me fren.. as we turn in to mengtien rear parking.. there is two car facing each other head to head.. the road is one way.. but this car A took shortcut to get out.. but meet up with car B near exit.. both car dint wan to reverse.. not after even mengtien worker was trying to persuades one of them to give way.. than my fren GF voiced that car B should just backout let car A go.. but i wasn't delighted as car B was on his right path, and that car A should back up as his in the wrong way.. than she noted since car A is near the exit and should just let him go to let the traffic flow.. but the way i see it car A also can reverse as there no other idiot driving the one way as car A dit.. but at the end car B back out.. if em car B and i had the time.. i'll wait till car A back out

note: shit dint get the car A plate number *damit* too bz debating with fren GF :( *idiot*

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